Take Your Marks is the website of Adrian Powell International Ministries. We want to take this time to welcome you and give you information about our purpose and calling.

Adrian Powell has been involved in ministry since 1987, as a writer, preacher, pastor and advocate for the Church to be all that it is called to be, beginning in Central Ohio, and expanding to the Midwest, both coasts, Canada and the Caribbean.

Beginning as a light in a dark place, Adrian has come to realize that it is only by the proclamation of Biblical Christianity can true change take place. This means putting aside sociological principles and theories of Church Growth which depend on techniques and adherence to the timeless principles of the Word of God.

All the “isms” of the world, racism, age-ism, sexism, and ‘every other “ism” and schism that ever had a “was-ism”‘ is addressed, dealt with and is put aside in the power of God by the new life we are called to in Jesus Christ.

But that truth is not often being proclaimed in Churches around the world. It is being usurped by those who are more interested in building kingdoms of their own makings rather than the Kingdom of God. Often churches have become cults of personality that put a particular individual at the forefront rather than placing the Triune God at the head of all that is done.

It is the purpose of this ministry to proclaim the Glory of God in Jesus Christ by bringing together, “…a great multitude that no one could number, of all nations, tribes, peoples and tongues” (Rev. 7:9b). It is not by our own ability that we can accomplish anything, but only by the power of God that anything can be done.

Therefore, it will be by the grace and mercy of God that anything is done. We are not powerful, wealthy or well-known; we have been called “for such a time as this”, by God and it will only be with God’s help and for His glory that anything is done.

You can help with your prayers and donations, that will allow us to expand our message to not only the Church but to evangelize as well, for the only real change comes from the change of heart that comes from the Gospel.